Latest Hijab Long Dress Styles 2018

hijab long dressModest fashion is on the rise and we are intrigued by the diverse options that certain prominent figures have created in the fashion industry. Now, there is a lot of diversity when it comes to fashion choices for Muslims. Hijab long dress is one elegant way of following the exotic trends while still enjoying the beauty of modest fashion. There are a number of styles that you can try out and so many different ways that you can mix and match your outfit to create a beautiful gown that stands out. Here are some ideas that you can use for prom, for weddings or even parties.

Princess dress

You can always modify a princess dress. Go for one that doesn’t have so much volume down the front. A dress like the Melissa long dress from Lanafira, that falls naturally is a great choice. You can then pair the dress with a short trendy upper, a lace or crochet top or a shawl. All of these can work as great modifications for the sleeves. To add some flair try including a long bow at the waist. It will highlight your figure and add beautiful symmetry to your hijab long dress.

Long overalls

It’s always a great idea to invest in some long overalls, especially those of light, flowing fabrics and textured prints. These can be paired with almost any long dress and contribute a unique vibe to the whole attire. Plus, the style allows you to add some interesting tones to your hijab long dress and chic up the entire style for a trendy fashion statement.


Another great way to go with a hijab long dress is to choose a striking pattern. Opt for florals as they are the highlight of the season and really bring out the style within you. You can opt for a single dress or choose a two piece skirt. Take a look at this Pucci long dress from Lanafira with intricate flower details that complement the spring sky. You will certainly love the vibe that it adds to your signature style.

hijab long dress

2 piece crop tops

Hijab long dress can also be broken in to two pieces. Get creative and mix and match outfits to create a unique dress for yourself. You can choose a long crop top and pair it with a narrow skirt like the one in Sofea Modern Perplum from Lanafira. Or you can simply wear the natural combination for a more traditional get up. The styling and pairing depends on you. A simple mix and match can do wonders!

A-line skirts

These skirts can be your best friends. Choose some in neutral colors or go for a dark dash such as a navy blue or a black to maximize the pairing options. These skirts look great with number of tops, ranging from blouses to knotted T-shirts, over long sweaters and more. A small venture can bring your whole wardrobe into utilization. All you need to do is be creative with the things you have!

All of these hijab long trends are unique ways to liven up your fashion tastes. You can get your hands on these styles as well as other unique hijab fashion at Lanafira. Try out some sophisticated fashion this season. A different look will definitely add flavor to your usual style. Give your wardrobe a spring clean with Lanafira and embrace the popular trends of the season.