The Latest Summer Trends of Muslima Fashion

Summer is winding by and it’s almost time for fall. The fabrics and trends are again in a blur as new styles are introduced into the trend world. Muslima clothing styles and trends are also shifting along with these fashion statements, let’s take a look at all the latest styles and fabrics that have graced the top this summer. Embracing these top notch fashion statements will surely help you upgrade you style by several notches.

Playful patterns

An interesting concept that is circulating in the air and has also been seen in Muslima clothing is the mis-matched patterns and striking graphics. These patterns are channeling spring and summer tones and we have to admit, they do look strikingly eye-catching. You would do well to include some of these patterns in your wardrobe for a refreshing change in your regular fashion.

Fine cottons and silks

The Muslima clothing is evolving and as the seasons get hotter, Muslim women have shifted to the cooler cottons and silks. The madras type checks are also pretty popular among some ladies. The trick is to opt for a fabric that flatters your body, rather than one in which you are uncomfortable all day long. The latest style moves along the lines of comfort and it is best to choose those trends that place your body at ease.

muslima clothing

Neutral shades

Another color that has risen to the peak is the neutral trend. Almost every outfit has that one neutral piece to balance out all the rest. We don’t blame them, the style is very intriguing. A neutral cardigan, or a neutral shade skirt, or even scarves can add that missing flair to most Muslima clothing styles. You just need to have that broad vision to choose and combine different clothes to create an outfit that stands out.


This is on the top list of every woman shopper today. Khaki has revolutionized the fashion industry, as well as Muslima clothing. The fabric has spilled over in to almost everything imaginable. Whether it’s overall, shirts, trousers or even scarves, khaki is definitely here to stay. Go and get yourself a thing or two of this remarkable fabric. You are sure to adore this fashion or the rest of the season.

All of these fabrics are some of the latest Muslima clothing styles in the world today. You can find many of these fashion statement as well as an entire collection of the latest Muslima clothing at Lanafira. Try out something new this season to give your fashion sense an interesting twist. Just a little modifications can up your fashion game for sure!